Debris Disposal Site Management

Completed ROW, and Per-unit point of origin transactions must be received at the approved disposal site. Transactions are not considered complete until they are processed thru the receiving applications. At a
minimum, the system provides the capability to:

  • Accept site configuration data at the beginning of each work day
  • Dynamically configure receiving application based on site configuration data
  • Display certification data and photo from database so that ticket/tower personnel can perform a field audit of truck/trailer to assure data matches certification and placard number
  • Accept loads where:
    • Mission and applicant are valid
    • Authentication data is valid and unaltered
  • Designate debris type
  • Record debris volume (based on unit of measure)
  • Receive volume or per unit loads
  • Identify original load data and create hard copy
  • Identify duplicate load data and create hard copy
  • Configure number of hard copies
  • Create load data record in internal storage
  • Create backup copy of internal storage
  • Continuously calculate and present real-time disposal site statistics
  • Re-print load ticket data
  • Interface with waist-worn durable outdoor printer
  • Preserve in its original state, then transmit daily transaction data
  • Associate ticket/tower personnel credentials with each received load