Sub-Contractor Management &
Truck Certification System

The ADRS system has the capability to record truck and trailer certification data. Truck certification is used to register authorized debris hauling vehicles and equipment. As a minimum, the following must be included:

  • A means of electronically registering authorized debris contractor vehicles and equipment
  • Link electronic registration to digital images
  • Identify mission and governmental entity
  • Generate unique ID’s for contractor vehicles and equipment
  • Utilize uniform measurements e.g. feet and inches
  • Capture vehicle volume
  • Utilize industry standard equations for all volume calculations
  • Capture drivers and certification team member unique identification number
  • A means to create encryption protected electronic driver smart card with unique Truck ID, digital Photograph, truck and /or trailer measurements, vehicle volume, and other identifying data
  • Capability to recertify vehicles
  • Recertified vehicles must be recorded in an audit table
  • Certification data must be associated to authorized system user
  • Reject smart cards which are not associated with current event and applicant
  • Capture vehicle audit records
  • Create a printed certification record
  • Administrative reporting capabilities